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  Hello friends,   I'm really excited to announce that I'll be offering a 14-Day FREE online Spiritual…
  Hello friends,   I'm really excited to announce that I'll be offering a 14-Day FREE online Spiritual…

7 Tips to Survive the Holidays

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: shopping, gifts, empath, quiz, meditation, survival, Empath Survival Kit, holidays, breathe, calm, vibration, plug, hook, cord, personal power, grounding, fluorite, meditate, manifest, guides, Angels, Earth energy, group energy

Hi friends, 

Here we are smack dab in the holiday season already. It feels like it really sneaked up on us this year, as the planetary energy seems to be moving faster and faster. 

Rather than go through another holiday season getting stressed out, burned out, angry, broke, or sick, why not make a new plan this year to de-stress, relax, get grounded, and handle it with much more ease and grace. It's truly not that difficult. 

Here are 7 simple techniques you can easily implement: 

❄ Do a short nature grounding session. This can be a simple as 10 minutes being outside in nature. Bundle up and go sit by a tree, a body of water, or a beautiful nature spot near you. Take in the beauty and wonder...breathe, relax, and feel the difference! 

❄ A 5-minute time out to do some stretching can improve your energy level, increase circulation, and boost your mood.

❄ Take a relaxing bath with epsom salts, and your favorite essential oil. This adds minerals to your body and the oils each have their own specific health benefits.

❄ Space clearing--make sure that the energy around you is of the light and positive. You can't get grounded if there is negative energy around you that is making you off balance. Burn sage to clear any mild-to moderate entities or energies around you. (For more information on dealing with a serious psychic attack, please visit my website and YouTube channel.)

❄ Carry or wear a Fluorite stone. It's also called the most colorful mineral in the world. This multi-colored stone is the stone of protection. It comes in different colors and it helps ward off negative energy and aid in meditation and inner tranquility. (It needs to be cleared on a weekly basis when used consistently.) 

❄ Force yourself to do absolutely nothing for 5 minutes. Sit, meditate, breathe. Free up your energy to help you manifest more, especially if you are on a tight budget. 

❄ Be in your own personal power. Take your power back if you feel like you are out of control in any area. Affirm daily that you 'are calling your power back" and own that.

 Here are some every day tips to help stay calm and healthy

during the holidays:

❄ Out shopping? Stressed trying to to find a parking place? By sending your energy and guides ahead, it makes it easier to find the perfect parking spot. 

❄ Can't find that perfect gift? Ask your angels and guides to help show you the way to the perfect gift for someone. 

❄ Be aware of how you feel in different places, and of the energy around you. If you go out somewhere and suddenly feel stressed, depressed, ill, nauseous, or exhausted, you may be under psychic attack-especially if you are an empath. 

❄ Be mindful of the collective consciousness energy that you are surrounded in. The energy of a particular group may not resonate with you at all, because you vibrate at a different energy level. Don't let group energy bring your vibration lower.

❄ Craving carbs? There is so much temptation around the holidays to indulge in sugary and unhealthy foods. This can quickly deplete your energy, minerals, and weaken your immune system. A good vitamin/mineral supplement and lots of veggies can do wonders to combat and ward off illness. If your cravings come on suddenly, make sure to clear yourself and your space too.

❄ Protect yourself from allowing the energy of others to 'plug, hook, or cord' into your energy. Ask your guides to put you in a sacred space when around other people, and disconnect any cords from them to you.  

 These tips are just a small sampling of all the great in-depth

 information you will find in the Empath Survival Kit!

In this valuable kit, I go into great detail on how to keep yourself and your space clear, help you stay strong and in your power. You really can slow down, and truly enjoy the holiday season! 

What you learn in this kit will not only make the holiday season easier, but will also help you shift your energy so that you can stay grounded all year around. These tips can make each day easier for the rest of you life! My Empath Survival Kit will help you stay clear, grounded and protected so that your energy is positive and flowing smoothly. You really can manifest your goals, and manage your life SO much easier!

The Empath Survival Kit contains: 

☯ A 25-question Empath Quiz.

☯ 8 downloadable worksheets full of information, including all the how-to details, and self-exploration exercises.

☯ 2 bonus worksheets.

☯ A 30-minute audio recorded guided meditation for daily clearing and protection. 

☯ A bonus quickie 7-minute version of the

30-minute daily clearing meditation. 

☯ A bonus guided meditation for grounding.



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