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Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…
Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…

How to Handle the Holidays Much Easier!

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: shopping, gifts, empath, quiz, meditation, survival, Empath Survival Kit, holidays, breathe, calm, vibration, plug, hook, cord, personal power, grounding, fluorite, meditate, manifest, guides, Angels, Earth energy, group energy, tips, truth, seeker, nature, wildlife, Loading...


 Hi friends,

As the days fly by and we head into the intensity of the holiday season full force, I wanted to touch base on how you can stay grounded, healthy, and happy during the stressful holiday season. Dealing with family, shopping, chaos, and the holiday energies can affect many of you very intensely, especially if you are an empath.


The holidays can be extremely hard for empaths.

Are you an empath? Not sure? 


Here's how to know... 

☯ Empaths are people who are easily affected by other people’s energies, and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive the energy of others. They are sensitive to their surroundings and pick up the joy or pain of others. 

☯ Empaths have a tendency to openly feel what is outside of them, more so than what is inside of them. They intuitively know things without being told. They are usually a peace maker, a problem solver, and a truth seeker.

☯ Empaths are sensitive to things such as TV, the media, the news, violence and cruelty because they resonate at a more peaceful and compassionate vibration. They can sense and pick up on energy that isn't truthful.

☯ They are usually extremely dedicated to helping others and are great listeners. They enjoy teaching and helping others on many levels.

☯ Empaths can be highly sensitive to food and can pick up its nutritional vibration, often being vegan.

☯ They love nature and wildlife, and strive for solitude. They are highly creative people and free-spirited.


What is the down side to being an empath?

☯ They many times suffer from fatigue and get drained of energy, either from 'energy vampires,' psychic attack, or just taking on too much. 

☯ While helping others, empaths can easily become so entrenched in that process they lose sight of their own needs by putting others first. 

☯ An empath may take on so much energy that's not their own that they become out of touch to what is really true for them. 

☯ Empaths often avoid confrontation because they don't want to feel the emotional discomfort of others. 

☯ They can become quickly overwhelmed by the thoughts and feelings they receive from others and reflect them back out as their own, causing emotional confusion for them.


Did you know?? 

☯ There are specific grounding techniques that are very effective for empaths. Do you know what they are and use them? 

☯ There are 10 different types of empaths. Which are you? Are you more than one type of empath? 

☯ There are simple, yet effective techniques for empaths to use in discerning energies? Do you know how to correctly discern energy and avoid a serious psychic attack? 

☯ There are specific ways to disconnect from the collective negative energies in the world. Do you know how to keep your energy protected from the collective consciousness?

☯ Energy cords are strands or tubes of energy which connect one person to another. Do you know how to recognize a negative cord to you, and how to clear it

☯ It is easy to give your power away and not know it. Do you know what it means to call your power back, and how to do it? 

☯ There is a secret technique to proactively protect your energy. Do you know it and use it?

☯ There are steps you can take daily to keep your energy clear. Do you know all 9 of the most important steps to keep your energy clear every day?

☯ There are some quickie daily tips to stay clear and protected? Do you know and use these?

All of this information and much more can

be found in my Empath Survival Kit!

Being an empath can be a wonderful gift and blessing, yet it can also feel like a very challenging burden. My Empath Survival Kit will help you shift your energy, keep it clear and protected daily, manifest your goals, and manage your life much easier!

The Empath Survival Kit contains: 

☯ A 25-question Empath Quiz.

☯ 8 downloadable worksheets full of information, the

how-to details, and self-exploration exercises.

☯ 2 bonus worksheets.

☯ A 30-minute audio recorded guided meditation for daily clearing and protection. 

☯ A bonus quickie 7-minute version of the

30-minute daily clearing meditation. 

☯ A bonus guided meditation for grounding. 

Know someone who is struggling?

The Empath Survival Kit makes a wonderful holiday gift for a friend or family member too!




P.S. Why not get one for a friend or ramily member too!

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