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  Hello, truth-seekers, Would you be able to identify a false spiritual teacher if you encountered one?…
  Hello, truth-seekers, Would you be able to identify a false spiritual teacher if you encountered one?…

7 Stones You Need For Healing

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: crystals, Crystal Grids, Creating Sacred Space

Hi friends,

This past weekend, I had a booth at the PRS Psychic Fair.  Fairs like this are filled with lots of powerful energies, so it can be challenging to stay grounded, especially when tuning in intuitively for multiple clients each day in a busy, crowded environment. Each day, I was sure to wear gemstones to help me keep my intuition open and my energy clear and open.

As I enjoy the last remnants of fall, I am reminded about the earth changes, leaves turning, the weather turning crisp and cool...nature at its finest. By connecting with the earth we always heal. At the most basic level, we ARE nature--there is no separation. Our bodies are composed of the same elements as the earth's crust--water, minerals, hydrogen, oxygen, iron, and more. At the cellular level, the human body and quartz crystals are both made up of mineral silicon-dioxide. This energetic connection makes us naturally receptive to the vibrations of crystals as they transmit, reflect, store light and receive energy.

This is why the energetic vibration of stones and crystals is so powerful, and can hugely benefit healing. They have millions of years worth of the earth's energy stored within them. Ancient civilizations for thousands of years have utilized the power of crystals to help release physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages. When crystals are placed directly on your body, they have a powerful vibration that surges from the crystal through you. According to the law of physics, thoughts direct energy, and energy follows thought.


Here are 7 of the most powerful healing stones:


1.) Rose quartz: a shiny, pale pink stone that is sometimes known as the heart stone or the love stone, as its energy helps open you to all forms of love, including self-love and inner peace.


2.) Fluorite: is also called the most colorful mineral in the world. This multi-colored stone is the stone of protection. It comes in different colors and it helps ward off negative energy and aid in meditation and inner tranquility. (It needs to be cleared on a weekly basis when used consistently.)


3.) Lapis: this is a deep blue textured stone known to unlock mysteries, and help eliminate confusion and emotional blockages. Lapis is also known to help get more connected to the insights of the celestial world.


4.) Hematite: this grayish/silver looking stone is used as a grounding tool. If you're feeling really stressed or out of your body, try carrying a piece of hematite to connect with its grounding energy.


5.) Jade: need some peace and calm? Jade is a beautiful stone in varying shades of green. It's helpful to tap into your self-acceptance and inner serenity. It's also known to help your dreams become more clear, tap into your creativity, and flush toxins from the body.


6.) Amethyst: on the physical level this purple crystal-looking stone can balance hormone levels and strengthen the immune system. It resonates calming and balancing energy, aiding with stress and confusion.


7.) Turquoise: originally from Turkey and named 'Turkish,' the beauty and popularity of turquoise makes it one of the most popular stones. A treasure to Native Americans, turquoise has been used to help interpret dreams, ward off evil, and strengthen bonds of love and friendship. Wearing turquoise helps give a person a sense of confidence and inner wisdom.


How do you use stones for healing?


A.) Hold the stone during meditation and focus on your connection with the earth to get more grounded, and to activate the earth's energy within the stone. Depending on what you are focusing on healing, you may get different results with different stones, so try using a different one during several meditations to get a feel for which seems the most powerful.


B.) Make a crystal grid: grids are used to transform the energy within a specific space. You can get a grid cloth printed with a sacred geometrical pattern that adds even more energy Chose stones for the grid that align with your intentions.


C.) Create a sacred space, using stones. Amethyst is popular for sacred spaces because it sends out positive energy and promotes a deeper meditative state.


D.) Enhance your awareness of stones by always carrying one with you. When you feel off track, focus on the stone you have and what it can do to help you.


E.) Doing yoga? Place stones around you to help intensify your connection to the Divine during your yoga session and create a mini sacred space for deeper intuition.


F.) 'Snaz' up your home: crystals are very popular for enhancing your home decor, while adding their energetic properties into your space. For example, a beautiful set of agate bookends will also help with balance and calming in your home. 


G.) Spa time-put crystals in your bath water to enhance their vibrational connection with the water, and give you a restorative effect.


H.) When working on yourself, place stones on your body. This can help heal and balance your chakra system and your aura. There are a number of different stones that are designed to heal and balance auras and chakras. 


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