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Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…
Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…

The Most Destructive Human Emotion is....

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: jealousy, trigger, abandonment, self confidence, self esteem., fear, insecurity, anger, project, disempowerment, truth, transformation, emotional


Hello friends,

 How many times a day do we see something and wish we had that item, that job, that relationship, that income, or that lifestyle? Different people may respond differently when they see others who may seem more successful than they are in some or all areas of life.  

 For some of you, it may be a motivator for you to strive more, work harder, or learn more. But for others, it can be a trigger for of the most destructive of all human emotions. 

 What is jealousy? It is simply a present emotional reaction to a past wound. It gets triggered when something in the present reminds us of what hurt us in the past. Here are some things that can be a trigger for jealousy:

 > Abandonment from a relationship break-up, a parental divorce, a friend moving away, or anything where we feel a significant loss of another person who was important in our lives.

 > Lack of self confidence and low self-esteem.

When you feel 'less than' others, it will trigger feelings of inadequacy leading to jealousy of the people around you.

> Fear-any kind of fear in general comes from a place of not being connected to source. This can be fear of the future, fear of a break-up, fear of not receiving enough abundance, or any other issue.

> Insecurity-having a poor self-image goes hand-in-hand with insecurities. You may feel 'less than' enough in a relationship, a job, as a parent, or in other life situations.

When we are jealous or envious of others, what it REALLY means

is that we don't believe we can have that for ourselves.

 When we experience jealousy, it's possible we have given up on our dreams, of what we really want for our life. That then projects our disempowerment and broken heart onto others. Somewhere along the way, we learned to feel disempowered--to believe that we can't have the happiness, peace, and success other people have. Sometimes, we ignore evidence that the people we're jealous of have had real challenges along the way, and we don't have any idea of the hardships they have had to endure.

It's easier to believe 'others' have it easy--then we can project our anger and blame onto them. It must be their fault you don't have what you want, right? The REAL truth is you CAN have what you want! Perhaps it will require releasing some people or situations from your life that hold you back. Perhaps you'll have to release your own destructive and limiting beliefs. Maybe you'll have to release the idea that the world owes you something--that you should be entitled to everything you desire without much effort.

The reality is, you'll need to put some work into creating the life

you desire. You'll need to get crystal clear on what you want,

and then take daily steps to bring it into reality.

Some things may come easier than others, but it will be up to YOU to do what it takes to create and nurture the life that you really desire. Life-altering changes don't come quickly and easily-they require doing the real work. Are you ready to take charge and make some life-altering changes?

In my 12-month Sacred Healing Circle program I help you break out of the ongoing cycles of fear, insecurity, jealousy, regret, lack, and so much more!


Shift from jealousy to joy!

Sacred Healing Circle is open to men and women.

Join today--transform your life!






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