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Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…
Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…

6 Signs of Spiritual Disconnect

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: Sacred Healing Circle, 12-month program, struggle, boundaries, life purpose, disconnected, unhealthy, co-dependent, independent, ego, tools, discord, spirituality, possessions

 Hi everyone!

It's hard to believe that we're headed into October already. I've had a great year overall with some interesting experiences, some fantastic experiences, and a couple....well not so good. But the good has far outweighed the bad and that's how it should be. That is typical for many people, but for some people the entire year is nothing but a struggle. Was yours like that in 2017?

One of the reasons why I created my Sacred Healing Circle as a 12-month program is so that each of you has the opportunity to make all of your coming years better. Or even the best! If the last 12-months for you have just been a repeat of many years before that, then maybe it's time for a change for you.

The Sacred Healing Circle program fits neatly into your current hectic schedule, and will provide you with the information, tools, opportunities, and ongoing emotional support that you’ll need to get to where you ultimately want to be in your life.

Are you a purpose-driven, spiritual-minded person

who's struggling in any area of your life? 

Do you currently struggle with your health, lack of abundance, relationship issues, negative energy around you, or the inability to stay connected to source, and stay grounded? In this course, you will learn how to shift out of negativity and into peace, love, and abundance!

Do you have issues with boundaries, and feel taken advantage of all the time? Do you know what your true life purpose is? Do you feel totally disconnected to your true spirit? These are just a few of the areas that we cover in Sacred Healing Circle. We delve very deeply into the inner core of who you are and find out what causes the disconnect and discord.

Disconnection from your true spiritual source

is at the root of all issues and problems.

We are all spiritual, but we live in a spiritually disconnected environment most of the time. Our ego continues to deny our spiritual self. When that energy blocks the true source energy, it creates all kinds of havoc in our physical and energetic bodies.

What are you truly feeling right now? The human body is designed to feel...everything. If something is blocking you so you just don't feel, then there is probably a major disconnect. You should be experiencing every emotion you have at the core of your being. If you don't see the beauty in a tiny leaf, or a raindrop, or a puffy cloud, then you may be disconnected from your true source and are being blocked by negative energy.

Here are 6 signs that you may be disconnected: 

> 1.  You are living a very unhealthy lifestyle. Do you frequently use alcohol or recreational drugs? Does your diet consist of way more processed foods than natural ones? Do you smoke? Do you take time to pray or meditate? Do you regularly get out in nature? Your spirit and soul are confused in an unhealthy body because your body is truly divine at its core...a gift from divine source, and you only get one. 

> 2. You are more co-dependent than independent.

Co-dependency on others causes an individual to have a false sense of self, and to not be connected to their authentic self. This usually leads to a lack of boundaries, and playing the victim rather than designing a great life by taking ownership of it.

> 3. You are more independent than co-dependent.

Empowered and independent are great assets, but not when they totally disconnect you from other people. At our core, divine source runs through us all and being overly independent cuts off the flow from that source. Embracing independence through true spiritual connection means that you are the world, not a victim of it and in it. 

> 4. You place more value on money and possessions than you do people.

Money is God in circulation, but by working just to make money (rather than making money doing something you love that is spiritually empowering), it creates a spiritual disconnect. At your core you will still be dissatisfied with everything in your life no matter how much money you have, if you don't honor your calling.

> 5. Ego becomes the ruler of your soul.

Your ego is a protection mechanism that becomes addicted to itself. Ego rules over the soul and is afraid of change therefore with ego in charge, there can be no true transformation and you stay stuck. 

The mother of all spiritual disconnect is the illusion of spiritual connection through religious indoctrination, which can become a pseudo power rather than an authentic one. Sometimes people cling to what they were taught through religion rather than searching themselves for their true connection to source. Instead of truly 'fearing' God, question God and everything else in life and find your real truths. Source is always within as well as everywhere else. Science has even proven that there is divine intelligence in the space between all molecules!



I invite you to join us in the Sacred Healing Circle!


Reclaim your life, your sense of passion,


and your purpose through the use of ancient,


proven healing and transformation techniques. 



Don't have another year of struggle...join today!


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