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Happy Holidays everyone! I love this time of year for a number of reasons. There is a certain energy…
Happy Holidays everyone! I love this time of year for a number of reasons. There is a certain energy…

Sacred Manifestation Retreat on the Prairie--Register Now!

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Hello there friends,


I am so blessed to be now living in this beautiful natural environment out in Tonganoxie, KS. The air is fresh and filled with the essence of pure nature. I feel very grounded and can truly hear myself think. :).


I am feeling consistently clear and focused, while coming up with new and exciting ideas on how to help you have the same experiences! So many of us are living lives we're not happy with, but we don't know how to make the changes.


Not only that, we've never really gotten completely clear on what we DO want. So, we just keep running endlessly on the gerbil wheel of life, feeling unsatisfied, and wanting so much more from life.


Do you have real difficulty manifesting good health, abundance, great relationships, and pure joy in your life? If this sounds like you, here's how to get off that wheel!


Join us on the beautiful Kansas prairie for the

Sacred Manifestation Retreat!

☼ When: Sunday, October 1st, 2017

☼ Where: Psychic Protection Sanctuary

    in Tonganoxie, KS

☼ Time: 12:30 am to 6:00 pm

☼ Who can attend: Both men & women over 18

☼ Fee: $50


Facilitated by Maya Zahira; we will go through a sacred process to gain clarity on what you truly want to manifest in your life, and begin to activate the energy to bring it into reality for you.


I will also show you the most vital way to bring your intentions into physical reality, and help you clear what blocks you from your true destiny.


Hint: Vision boards and affirmations are a great way to gain inspiration about your goals and dreams, but they are NOT the most effective way to actually bring your goals into reality. I will show you the *complete* process for manifesting your desires.

 Sacred Manifestation Retreat is perfect for you if... 

☼ you're stuck in a dead end relationship, but afraid to leave because there may not be someone else out there for you. And even if there is, you don't know how to attract what you want in a love interest.

☼ you are still barely keeping your head above water financially, after having tried everything possible to manifest abundance....nothing works for you.

☼ you feel lazy, tired, depressed, unmotivated, and stuck in the same can't shift anything.

☼ you want to make a career change, but can't get clear on exactly what you should be doing for your highest good, and for your personal happiness. 

☼ you have energy around you that you are not sure how to clear so you can shift into a higher vibration.

☼ you know that there are many ways to manifest abundance, but haven't found exactly the right techniques that work for you.


People of all paths are invited to attend this very special

half-day retreat on the beautiful Kansas prairie. 

This will be a fun, relaxing, inspiring day at my beautiful rural location! I will help you refocus your life and get you going in the right direction to live the life you truly desire.

I am limiting the number of participants to just 15, and spots will fill fast. We also have a big indoor space, so the event is on, rain or shine!


Registration deadline is Midnight

Thursday, Sept 28th!




Spots are filling fast, so register now! 


Let me help you manifest your goals and dreams!


Remove the blockages to YOUR abundance

and begin manifesting everything you desire!


Hurry and get registered!

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