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Happy Holidays everyone! I love this time of year for a number of reasons. There is a certain energy…
Happy Holidays everyone! I love this time of year for a number of reasons. There is a certain energy…

I'm Moving!

By: Maya Zahira | Tags:

Hello Dear Friends,


Fall is about here and with it comes some shifts and changes for many of us. I am amazed at how many personal thresholds I am busting through every single day as I'm working on the process of moving.


Those of you who have been following me on Facebook know that I've been wanting to move to a nature location for a few years now, but have had trouble finding the right place. A couple weeks ago, my current landlady decided that our previous month-to-month rental arrangement (for the past 3 1/2 years) was no longer working for her, and that I would need to vacate by the end of September. Needless to say, it was a very big surprise. 


Since then, my life has been a whirlwind of very focused house hunting, planning, organizing, and more. Every day, I've gotten more and more clear that I do not want to continue being strapped to a place with big rent. The place I'm moving AWAY from was always above my means, but was do-able with my former roommate pitching in. After my roommate left, things were always a tight squeeze each month.


As I'm taking personal stock of my life and all these changes, I've gotten clear that the stress and hustle each month required to keep all the wheels turning actually PULLS ENERGY AWAY FROM being able to share my gifts with the world as fully as I could. I LOVE my life's work, and am 100% aligned with continuing it, but just NOT with the burden of my past lifestyle responsibilities.


And another thing....I've been experiencing some sort of spiritual up-leveling where my past burdens have now become intolerable to me. I have to be MORE FREE. I feel like every day, I am removing more and more of how I've been conditioned to live in this world, releasing more and more of my personal belongings, releasing more beliefs and patterns, and every day I feel lighter.


Yesterday, I noticed that I was more emotionally and energetically available to reach out to strangers in the world to offer support, guidance, and assistance, whereas, in the past, I was often in hermit-mode (even when going out into the world) due to some kind of subconscious need to conserve my always depleted energy. On an unconscious level, I was always leaking so much energy due to trying to keep it all going, my teaching/healing business, my bills, my home, and all while living with a chronic genetic medical condition that has made it difficult for me to work as average people do.


I try not to focus on the 'illness' aspect of it, but, rather, I see that my body is giving me a powerful message. Years ago, my body began giving me signals that it wanted me to have a more contemplative, restful lifestyle, but I kept pushing in order to keep all the wheels turning in my life. Those gentle nudges from my body became louder as my health became more of a struggle.


Every part of me, my body, my mind, my emotions, my spirit, ALL need to be more free. Something has shifted in me in the last week, and now there is no going back.


I am committed to CREATING a simpler lifestyle for myself that has more space for be-ing and self-care. (I have been an over-worker and overachiever my entire life.) And so, where does that lead me to TODAY?


Over the last two weeks, I have looked at numerous houses and apartments for rent. Some of them were about the same price and size as where I'm living now, and I'm now 100% clear that I'm not doing that anymore.


Right now, my main candidate is a sweet little apartment attached to the home of a lovely couple in Grain Valley, MO. There is no contract yet, but if it does go through, the contract would happen in a couple weeks. It would likely be a temporary living situation, because they are planning to put their house on the market next spring. I'm thinking of it as the opportunity to stay at a wonderful nature vacation spot for 6 months. I've taken most of this week off for more house hunting and organizing as I prepare for my move.


Right now, I'm living in the unknown. 


I don't know yet exactly where I'll be moving, but I know for sure that I AM moving. I'm learning to trust life and take all the inspired actions I can to help bring about the best possible outcome. 


Within our CREATE program, we've been working on identifying and healing our Limiting Core Beliefs.  In last month's live class, we all shared one of our limiting beliefs. Mine was that nobody has my back, that life is hard and I have to carry my burdens all on my own with no support.


 I've had a LOT of very unsupportive, even cruel, people in my life who not only were not there for me, but sometimes even worked against me due to jealousy or resentment. One of the many beautiful blessings from this recent unexpected upheaval has been the tremendous support that has come from my community, a level of support I have never experienced before. 


I can honestly say that my former belief about being unsupported in the world is dissolving more and more each day! I know that on some level, I was meant to go through this situation so I could have the opportunity to heal that past belief. 


If YOU are interested in breaking through your Core Limiting Beliefs,

and learning some powerful self-healing tools along the way,

NOW is the time!  


This week is your LAST opportunity to join the CREATE Course,

a 12-month program for personal transformation.


 I've extended the deadline to Midnight, Monday

September 4 (Labor Day) to give you a few more days.

After September 4, the current CREATE students will continue to enjoy this amazing program, however, no new members will be allowed to join.


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