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Hi everyone! If you saw my last email, then you know that right now there is a really great special offer…
Hi everyone! If you saw my last email, then you know that right now there is a really great special offer…

THE Most Powerful Technique to Heal Your Root Chakra

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Hi there everyone,


I wanted to talk today about the root chakra, and how important it is to keep it clear, unblocked and moving in the correct direction. Yes, chakras can spin the wrong way and create all kinds of havoc in your life.


When the root chakra is blocked it's like you're not... you. You can feel lost, insecure, restless, unstable and stuck. A blocked root chakra can give way to doubt, fear, illness, depression, and much more.


But when the root chakra is flowing energy in and out properly, you'll have clarity, balance, direction, security, and peace.


Do you have any of these symptoms??


☯ Co-dependency

☯ Feeling abandoned

☯ Restlessness and feeling unstable

☯ Having a lack of focus

☯ Not able to stay in the present moment

☯ Being in a continual state of fear

☯ Constant anxiety

☯ Overall sense of guilt


Anything that has to do with your sense of security is impacted by a blocked root chakra. Those individuals experiencing a blocked root chakra can feel unsettled like they are always searching for that elusive 'something' to make them feel whole. They have trouble settling down with one job, one relationship, one lifestyle, etc.


What happens physically when the root chakra is blocked?


It's common for the lower part of the body to experience health issues from a blocked root chakra, which primarily governs the reproductive organs and lower extremities. This sometimes manifests as constipation, kidney stones, circulatory issues, and leg weakness. Think about the direct correlation of feeling stuck and not having a sense of direction, and how the root chakra can affect legs and forward movement.


Other physical issues can include: sciatica, hypertension, impotence, colitis, eating disorders, prostate issues in men, female hormone imbalance, reproductive issues, and more. You can see why keeping the root chakra is so vital to your overall health and well being!


OK, So your root chakra is really blocked. Now what?


There are a variety of techniques to get the root chakra fully open and operating at its highest capacity.


On the physical level, physical activity, yoga, and being out in nature can help you open and balance your root chakra. One thing to note--be fully present and aware when doing this to help the process along.


Meditating on the root chakra can help release some of the anxiety, fear, and stress caused by its being out of balance and blocked.


The most powerful of all techniques for getting the

root chakra balanced  is energy medicine. 


Along my personal healing journey of over 20 years, I have learned countless energy medicine healing techniques that I share with members who join my CREATE Course! We go really deep into learning little-known healing tips and techniques that I share with CREATE students. By getting down to the core of the issue like we do in CREATE, you can eliminate issues caused by energy not serving you.


The CREATE Course is VERY comprehensive! It covers many other aspects of healing--intuitive development, energetic self-defense, the aura & chakras, gemstone healing, energetics of essential oils, extra Reiki tools, sound healing, creating sacred space, and much, much more! (You also get fully certified in Reiki I-III and a CREATE Course certification.)


By the time you are finished with CREATE Course,

you will have a totally different energy vibration...

and an unblocked root chakra too!




P. S. I encourage you to get your application in for CREATE Course soon before it fills up!   

P.P.S. Sneak preview--next week's topic will be 5 simple ways to empower your aura. 


Feel free to contact me with any questions!


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