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I can hardly believe it has been exactly two years since the unbelievable chain of events that led me…
I can hardly believe it has been exactly two years since the unbelievable chain of events that led me…

10 Ways You Can Help a Loved One From a Distance

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: Reiki, Create, Healing, Wellness, Aura, chakra, psychic protection, Maya Zahira, Energy, Energy healing, angel healing


Hello everyone,

My CREATE Course covers a wide range of healing modalities, including Certification for Reiki levels I-III. Learning Reiki is one of the most powerful things that anyone can do. Virtually anyone or anything can benefit from Reiki energy. This includes sending healing energy out to someone or something that is not near you. 


So many people ask me about distance healing and how it could possibly work. Many people understand the benefits of healing where the body is actually touched by the professional, such as massage or acupuncture.


Remote energy healing is as powerful and effective

as an in-person session.


Many of my clients have experienced profound healing results and deep transformation from their distance energy healing sessions. Consider that prayer and loving intent can be sent to any person or situation anywhere in the world, and it is the same with energy medicine. Reiki energy is without regard to geographic distance, and transcends current date or time.


Everything in this universe has an energetic vibration, and the life force of that energy is not only in all things at the molecular level, but also in the space between. Every electron is its own universe with revolving particles turning about a common center with the exact same motion (and at the same relative distances) that the earth and planets revolve around the sun. Creation is constant and ongoing because there is nowhere that does not have this life force.


If you look at a charred piece of wood under a microscope there is still movement in the molecules--that life force is everywhere.


Scientific research has proven that all living things emit light. The energy in our body and all around us has patterns and grids. As humans, our body is also magnetic and electrical, capable of transmitting and receiving instant energy because of those energy fields that surround us and are within us. Our internal organs generate their own energy fields, with the heart being the most significant.


Any form of healing energy we send out with the intent to heal, will have a healing effect on the recipient. All energy and thought in the universe is connected in the quantum field that some may call God or ‘The Universe.’


Here are 10 ways you can utilize distance Reiki:


• Help a loved one or friend dealing with mental or physical issues by sending them Reiki energy to help shift into peace, contentment and overall well being.


• Reiki energy can be sent to a future event, such as

a meeting, graduation, wedding, or upcoming travel, and make it flow easily.


• Send distance healing energy to someone dealing with PTSD.


• Send healing energy to someone in a hospital, dealing with surgery, in labor or receiving medical treatments.


• Send Reiki energy to your computer and electronics devices before you get to work to help eliminate technical issues.


• Send Reiki energy to your pet when you are out of the house to keep them calm and feeling safe.


• Send Reiki energy to your significant other when you are away or at work, for a smoother relationship when you get home.


• Send Reiki energy to your doctor, dentist or practitioner before your appointment to help with clarity and accurateness.


• Send Reiki energy to your children in school to help them with tests and learning retention.


• Send out Reiki energy into storms, earthquake faults, tornadoes, and other natural events to weaken the severity.


These ideas barely scratch the surface

of what Reiki can do!


Apply today for this incredible 12-month,

life-changing course!


Get 'unstuck' and make the coming 12-months

be completely different from the last 12...your best ever!



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