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I can hardly believe it has been exactly two years since the unbelievable chain of events that led me…
I can hardly believe it has been exactly two years since the unbelievable chain of events that led me…

Why you need to take this workshop.

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: workshop, psychic protection

Hello everyone!


 Last week I announced our upcoming workshop, Psychic Protection: Personal Empowerment Practices, and gave you a list of the important things that we'll be covering in this one-day class. If you missed the article, you can read it again here. In it, we covered the different types of energy that can cause psychic attack, and how to deal with it.


This week's focus is stressing just how important psychic protection is, and why it's important for you to have the proper tools to deal with it. By taking this one-day workshop, you'll have all the information and tools to take on any psychic attack energy head on, and know how to prevent it in the future!


Psychic Protection:  Personal Empowerment Practices


☯ June 25 from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm


☯ 2 Locations:  In person in Overland Park, KS

OR Online via Zoom video conference




In this special, live all-day workshop, I'll will share with you my years of experience and little-known techniques for psychic protection. You won't find another workshop like this anywhere!


 Are you asking yourself if you really need this?


If so, read on because here's why

you probably do:


☯ you are stuck in your life with no forward movement in any area, and not able to determine why.


☯ you've experienced unexplained spiritual or energetic activity that made you physically uncomfortable or ill--but dismissed it as nothing, hoping it will 'just pass.'


☯ you have had issues with ghosts or other unexplained or unwanted activity in your home, that you hope will just go away.


☯ you are an empath, energy healer or spiritual teacher, and need intensive 'ammo' to help protect yourself and your clients.


☯ you have unexplained health issues, strange dreams, depression, or ongoing chronic illness and have no idea how to move forward and make changes... because nothing has worked.


☯ you are stuck financially in the same vicious circle, and can't manifest anything no matter what you try.


☯ you have had a series of failed relationships and can't break the cycle, continuously attracting the same (wrong) type of person.


 Did you know that...


☯ you can leave the supermarket or your workplace unaware you picked up an entity or being attached to you, that can cause havoc in your life?


☯ just smudging your house might not be nearly powerful enough to tackle a vast majority of dark entities?


☯ there can be openings (portals under your home, tears in your aura, etc) that allow dark energy full access to you?


 ☯ that there are systems of dark energy that can be multi-layered, and that's why typical clearing techniques won't work?


☯ there are entities or energy systems that can hack your intuitive skills, leaving you confused?


☯ energy that comes in your home with you, can then transfer to your children or other family members?


☯ that there can be implants in your energetic body that zap your energy and clarity?


☯ that certain clearing techniques have to also be applied to other lifetimes, dimensions, or realities in order for you to be completely clear of that disruptive energy, for good?


☯ that dark energies can put tracking devices in you, to keep you connected to dark systems?


☯ that there are a number of different types of alien energy that can affect your life?


I could go on and on for a long time listing all of the possible forms of psychic attack that can happen. Because of my own experiences, I have done extensive research, digging very deep into this issue in order to put together a comprehensive class such as this one.


This full-day intensive class may not be offered

again until next year.


Be sure to choose your option and sign up now

to reserve your spot before the class fills.


Option 1:  Live in-person in Overland Park, KS (Address will be sent to you upon registration.)

Includes official certificate of completion, and complimentary audio recordings of class content. Fee: $195


Option 2:  Live ONLINE class on our Zoom virtual classroom. You'll be able to watch and participate via live video feed.  Includes complimentary audio recordings of class content. Fee: $175


(Students in any of my 12-month programs including CREATE, Sacred Healing Circle, or Psychic Protection Monthly Masterclass may attend this, and any of my live classes, for just $50!) Contact me if you have any questions!







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