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Hi everyone! If you saw my last email, then you know that right now there is a really great special offer…
Hi everyone! If you saw my last email, then you know that right now there is a really great special offer…

This 1-Day Event Can Change Your Life!

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Hello everyone!  Psychic Protection Sanctuary is excited to announce a brand new event coming in less than 2 weeks! Join Maya Zahira, psychic protection expert, for a full-day intensive class--all about psychic protection information and techniques--specifically focused on your own personal protection and empowerment.


Psychic Protection:  Personal Empowerment Practices


☼ June 25 from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm


☼ 2 Locations:  On person in Overland Park, KS

OR Online via Zoom video conference


In this special, live all-day workshop, Maya will share with you her wealth of knowledge and expertise based on years of extensive firsthand experience. Much of the class content is simply not taught anywhere else.



 In this workshop we will cover:


1.  An advanced easy-to-learn, step-by-step daily process for keeping your energy strong and protected.


2.  What can make you vulnerable to psychic attack and how to heal those vulnerabilities.


3.  The common types of psychic protection issues, including energetic sensitivity, psychic attack, spirit attachment, entity attack, possession, curses, and more.


4.  Dealing with love relationships and psychic attack.


5.  Energy predators, energy vampires, and negative energy cords and implants.


6.  Information about the spectrum of spiritual beings, including dark beings, light beings, beings of mixed energy, and false light entities, and how to discern the difference.


7.  How to use a pendulum to check yourself for psychic attack, spirit attachment, and entity interference.


8.  Step-by-step, proven and tested energy clearing techniques appropriate for mild, moderate, and severe situations, as well as tools for ongoing daily maintenance.


9.  Deeper methods of healing, including disavowing negative soul contracts in which you agreed to be a victim, removing implants and portals that have given entities direct access to you, and reclaiming your personal power and sovereignty.



This workshop will be POWERFUL and you

won't want to miss it!


  It is for anyone who:


☼ Considers themselves to be an empath or sensitive to the energies around them.


☼ Has experienced any type of psychic attack or spiritual warfare issue in the past or present.


☼ Is a spiritual teacher or energy healer who wants to help their clients on a deeper level.



This workshop is *not* for anyone who:


☼ Is convinced that the best line of defense is to stick their head in the sand and try not to think about any of this stuff.


☼ Believes that these kinds of issues do not exist.


☼ Thinks that everything they've read in psychic protection books will work if they ever do encounter a problem.



This full-day intensive class may not be offered

again in the future. 


Be sure to sign up now and reserve your spot

before the class fills.


There are 2 options to attend:



Option 1:  Live in-person in Overland Park, KS (Address will be sent to you upon registration.)

Includes official certificate of completion, and complimentary audio recordings of class content. Fee: $195


Option 2:  Live ONLINE class on our Zoom virtual classroom. You'll be able to watch and participate via live video feed.  Includes complimentary audio recordings of class content. $175


(Students in any of my 12-month programs including CREATE, Sacred Healing Circle, or Psychic Protection Monthly Masterclass may attend this, and any of my live classes, for just $50!)


This workshop is so important, I'd even recommend that out-of-town people travel to Kansas City to participate.  If you're interested in this topic, it will be well worth the trip.


Contact me if you have any questions!



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