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  Hello friends,   I'm really excited to announce that I'll be offering a 14-Day FREE online Spiritual…
  Hello friends,   I'm really excited to announce that I'll be offering a 14-Day FREE online Spiritual…

How do you pull your weeds?

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: Stuck, Trauma, rocking the boat, patterns, unhealed, aura, abuse, neglect, self-care, emotional wound disconnect, energetic body, Addictions, Exhausted, family dynamic, stress, Psychic attack, Psychic protection, Entities, Attachments, Paranormal, Intuitive, Lightworker, Boundaries, Discern, Spiritual, Vibration, Hooks, Tubes, Cords, Triggers, Practitioner, life purpose, Energy healing, Shift, weeds, root, roots, abundance

Hello Friends,


I hope you had a chance to read last week's email newsletter where I went into some very specific detail about why it's so difficult to heal certain issues.


As I indicated last week, there are multiple layers and levels of energy all around us. Whether it's dark or light, it radiates in and through us, from all areas of the universe, to the core of the earth and beyond.


The light energy that we carry is what helps us stay in balance, as well as heal, experience love and joy, and attract abundance. We have many different energetic bodies-our inner child, our higher self, our aura, chakra centers, soul, aspect, and more. If dark energy gets into any of these energetic bodies, it can throw off everything.


I heard someone say something really clever recently. They said,

"How do you pull your weeds? Do you just yank on the stem and

hope for the best? Or do you pull it out by the roots?"


I thought it was brilliant and it immediately reminded me of the true purpose behind my new Sacred Healing Circle program, designed to really get to the root and core of deep issues. 


What energy is in your roots that keeps you stuck?


At the very core of anything that blocks your light energy is likely dark energy that is interfering with your true soul energy.


Here's why that can happen:

Past traumas, ingrained emotional patterns, and ongoing negative beliefs can all create damage in your energy field, causing you to be vulnerable to further victimization and suffering. You've possibly been under psychic attack more than once in your life and wasn't aware, so you stay stuck.


Do you struggle with finances and lack of abundance?

If so, there is likely some old energy from this or prior lifetimes that is blocking the flow of money and abundance from coming in. This energy can become so embedded in your consciousness that it transcends from lifetime to lifetime and perpetuates the cycle. Any dark energy in or around you wants to keep you stuck that way.


Picture a huge tree sitting on top of your head with its roots spreading out everywhere through your entire energetic field and going into the earth. Then picture each root having multiple layers of energy. This energy of poverty consciousness spreads through the entire root system and keeps you stuck by repeating the thought pattern in you, until it's cleared the right way--at the root and in the layers.


Have you found yourself in an abusive or difficult relationship

and have no idea how to get out?


Ingrained emotional thought patterns ( feeling undeserving, unloved, unsupported, or abused) will repeat themselves in future relationships until the root issue is healed. You may have been in a present or prior lifetime where you were told you were worthless, unloveable, and undeserving. Or maybe you picked up your belief system from the way you saw your parents interact.


Do you struggle with on-going health issues?


Some of the infinite reasons for not being able to heal deep-rooted health issues can be from injury or illness from previous lifetimes, or maybe some trauma energy from childhood that stayed with you. When we are ill, depressed, grieving, unhappy, or experiencing any negative emotion, dark energy can attach itself to you much more easily and keep you ill.


Here's how I can help!


On my healing journey, I came to understand that TRULY effective psychic protection requires in-depth techniques, and healing on multiple levels. I recently experienced a severe psychic attack, and made it my mission to learn every possible tip, tool, and technique out there. I use specialized and little-known techniques that can clear dark energy systems at the core, and completely 'uproot' them.


They can be: imposter energy (darkness disguised as light), alien energy, energetic portals, energetic grids and technology, and other energetic races--all things that can seriously affect you. This is why I am confident that I can help you heal and reconnect spiritually to your source.


In the Sacred Healing Circle, I'll  help you find and clear any

energy that blocks you and keeps you from moving forward! It includes:


1.)  Live online class where we explore techniques for clearing and healing your past and present, and there is plenty of time for sharing, too!


               There are 2 class options:


        a.) ONLINE from anywhere in the world--2nd Monday evening monthly from 7:30-9:00 CDT.

        b.) IN-PERSON in Overland Park, KS--1st Tuesday evening monthly from 6:30-8:30 CDT.


2.) Monthly long-distance healing support for the whole group. Each month, we rotate through different types of online healing support, including:

a.) group long distance audio recorded Reiki healing session

b.) individual intuitive readings on our private Facebook page.

c.) much more!


Ready to get down to the root of what keep you stuck? Ready to experience joy, love, abundance and peace?     




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