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 Hello everyone,  As you may know, I have a number of videos on my YouTube Psychic Protection channel…
 Hello everyone,  As you may know, I have a number of videos on my YouTube Psychic Protection channel…

Did You Notice Our Changes?

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Did You Notice Our Changes?


Hello Friends,


As you might have noticed, this newsletter, my website, and my Facebook page now have a new name and look, Psychic Protection Sanctuary.


As I transition away from the Maya's Oasis name, I am excited to steer my business in a slightly different direction, with psychic protection as the main focus.

For the last year, I've been gradually shifting my marketing over to psychic protection and this is simply a reflection of that. All of my great programs and classes are still the same.


Why do you need to have

psychic protection tools?


I've been practicing and teaching psychic protection techniques for many years. However, after coming face-to-face with a very intense psychic protection issue about a year ago, I realized that I was being called to assist people with these issues in a much bigger way.


Here's what the Psychic

Protection Sanctuary

now offers you: 


Psychic Protection Masterclass

Held the 3rd Mondays monthly at 7:30 pm CDT. This is a 12-month in-depth course on psychic protection, held online via live video class. includes techniques that are not taught anywhere else. Click here for more information, and all the different things we cover in the course. 


Private Sessions

Schedule a one-on-one 90-minute session, in person (Kansas City area), or phone or Skype anywhere in the world. (Click here to schedule.)


FREE Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group

This free group is for anyone interested in psychic protection. We have live video chats the 1st and 3rd Mondays monthly, 6 pm CDT. (Our next live video chat  on 5-1-17 will cover how to get grounded.)


Empath Survival Kit

A great resource for empaths and others who are sensitive and vulnerable to energies around them. Click here for more information, and to purchase.


Sacred Healing Circle

A live online class the 2nd Monday monthly from 7:30-9:00 p.m. CDT. We go deep to heal old emotional wounds and past traumas, disconnection from your spiritual source, chronic negative beliefs that have kept you stuck, unconscious vows and agreements that no longer serve you, damage to your energy field that makes you vulnerable, and much more!


Maya's Blog

Be sure to check out the blog page which contains a wealth of information, articles, and videos on a wide range of topics!


Reiki Certification Classes

Psychic Protection Sanctuary offers various levels of Reiki Certification courses throughout the year.


In celebration of these

new changes, I'm offering you

$25 off for all 'house clearing services' purchased

now through the

month of May!



Want to improve the energy

in your home or business?



 Here's What Space Clearing Can Do: 


~clear old, stuck energy in your home and belongings.


~resolve the issues with negative energy, ghosts, or other phenomena.


~help improve relationships, health, finances, and the overall vibe of your home.


Everything that's happened in a structure or building emits a ripple effect. It is energetically recorded in the floor, walls, ceiling, furniture, fixtures, and other items in the building. This creates an astral imprint in the very fabric of the structure. Energy can become deeply imprinted there, and events accompanied by strong emotions or trauma are the most intensely imprinted of all. This negative energy can attract unwanted  beings, spirits, discarnates, fragmented or stuck souls, and much more.


I use extremely powerful, proven, tested methods to

remove all negative interference and restore your home

or workplace to peace.


~When I do a space clearing for you, I do a thorough energy evaluation of every area of your home and I choose the exact tools specific to your situation so we can achieve the best results possible.  


~I check the energetics of all potential trouble areas, identifying any spiritual interference or negative energy.   


~I am highly intuitive, empathic, and psychic, and I can connect with those in the spirit realm--ghosts, angels, and more--as I discern exactly what energies you have in your home.


~In addition to a thorough evaluation and clearing, I will also teach you how to do additional space clearing on your own so you can keep your space clear and high vibration for many years to come. Click here to read more about space clearing.

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