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 Hello everyone,  As you may know, I have a number of videos on my YouTube Psychic Protection channel…
 Hello everyone,  As you may know, I have a number of videos on my YouTube Psychic Protection channel…

I've Got a New Picture For You...

By: Maya Zahira | Tags:

Hi friends, As you saw in last week's email, our Women’s Wisdom Retreat is just around the corner. This event is only offered once a year, and it's an event that offers some amazing benefits and breakthroughs for women, in just one lovely day.  

By nature most women are nurturers, protectors, and givers. Many are caregivers, homemakers mothers, and career women. Trying to balance everything that's expected of you each day can leave you stressed, exhausted, depressed, ill, or miserable.


Most women just don't ever put themselves first.


If you are THAT woman, and you desperately need a recharge,

then please read on....


I'd like to have you take a minute and close your eyes. Now take a deep breath and relax. Imagine your life being completely different. Imagine your daily routine flowing much easier--with less stress, with ease, with energy and peace. Imagine your relationships being easy and honest, without great conflict or judgement. Imagine more abundance just flowing in, because you are now free from what was always blocking it your entire life.


If you like what you are seeing, then picture this:


❀ You've decided to attend our Women's Wisdom Retreat. You're packing your car with your hat, sunscreen, food, water, and bug spray. You get in the car, put on your favorite song, and head out down the road. You're alone with your thoughts and have an entire day ahead of you, all to yourself--to relax, connect with other women, heal, laugh, cry, and experience pure bliss. You feel completely free!


❀ You're at the retreat out in nature, enjoying the peace. Your cell phone is off. There are no children needing your attention. There is no boss demanding your time. The silence is almost deafening. You can hear the birds, the insects, the quiet, and your own heartbeat.


❀ Your shoes are off as you walk in the green grass. You feel the healing energy of mother earth radiating up through your body, as you become more and more grounded and connected to the her. You feel completely and totally free for the first time in a very long time.


❀ Your senses are bombarded with the smell of fresh grass, beautiful trees, flowers, and fresh air. If it happens to rain a bit, that smell becomes even more intensified and amazing.


❀ You're there in our opening circle, relaxed, exhilarated, meeting other like-minded women--feeling so connected, and so glad you signed up for this retreat.


❀ You are totally open and relaxed during our guided meditations and healing circles, and amazed at the shifts you are feeling.


❀ When you group-share your true thoughts and feelings, you realize that--possibly for the very first time in your life--you are really being heard. You hear feedback from the group that totally validates you, your experiences, and your path.


❀ You've made new connections with other women--you know they will become long-time friends.


❀ You've experienced such amazing breakthroughs that you can't imagine your old life any more and can't wait to get back to your new one.


❀ You are now home, feeling like you've had an amazing out-of-body experience--in 1 day. You look in a mirror and you actually see a totally different person.


It's an amazing picture isn't it??

It is yours for the taking--so get registered NOW for the

Women’s Wisdom Retreat!


❀ Saturday, May 20, 2017

❀ From 9:30 am - 6:30 pm

❀ Eighty Acres, 28013 167th St. Leavenworth, KS 66048


Our retreat will be held in and around the little cabin at Eighty Acres Farm. This means we will be outside--enjoying Mother Nature--most of the day! You will love this place and feel so exhilarated here!! Being in nature will heal anything much more quickly!



 Retreat Schedule:


❀ A special opening circle will include introductions, creating sacred space, drumming, and more.

❀ We will then have a morning lesson that includes small group sharing and a guided meditation.

❀ Lunch is shared potluck.

❀ The afternoon activities are optional, to allow people the choice to either attend classes or spend the afternoon lounging in nature. 

❀ The day will include a Clarity Breakthrough Circle (that, in itself is worth the $55), sharing, and a sacred closing circle.

❀ Just $55 for the full day retreat (a $150 value)! Register with a friend and save $15! $95 for 2 people. (a $300 value)


Time is running out and space is limited!


Register Today! Just $55!



❀ Our retreat will be held rain or shine, so this means we will keep our enrollment lower than last year to enable us to have a fun little daytime slumber party indoors if it's rainy.


❀ Dress for the weather, bring items for the potluck (see website), a sun hat, sun screen, walking shoes, a yoga mat or blanket, and a lawn chair.


"As a sensitive energy empath who tends to absorb lots of energy from others, I have been able to discharge a lot of non-beneficial energy while frequently sitting on the ground in nature. Even on the busiest days, when I make time for this earthing practice, my 'To Do List' gets done because I have more energy and clarity. I've had such amazing results that I will be continuing this practice long-term."


I truly hope that you will do this for yourself and join us

at the beautiful Eighty Acres Farm!


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