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Hi everyone! If you saw my last email, then you know that right now there is a really great special offer…
Hi everyone! If you saw my last email, then you know that right now there is a really great special offer…

Well, that didn't turn out as planned!

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Dear friends,


Sometimes the best laid plans end up completely

changing and you end up right back where you started.


Many of you know I was excitedly planning to move to a beautiful nature location on the south side of the Kansas City area. Moving to a nature location is something I'd been trying to manifest for a couple years now and bringing it into reality was an answer to my prayers. When things unexpectedly fell through a few days ago, I was completely devastated. 


But now I am moving forward and making the best of it. My current landlady is delighted I will be continuing to rent her home in north Overland Park where I've been for the last three years. I've cultivated really wonderful energy here, and this is where I will continue to see clients and teach classes. My home is in a lovely, quiet, older neighborhood with lots of trees, bunnies, and birds, and I've created a very beautiful, inviting, zen environment inside.


Also, due to the unexpected changes, the date and location for Maya's Oasis annual Women's Wisdom Retreat have changed. We are moving the date out until May 20th. (Please contact me if you have any questions.) You can get all the details on the Facebook page, or on my website. 



This weekend is our Reiki I/II Intensive course!

☯ Saturday, April 9th, 2017

☯  9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

☯  Registration deadline is at 12 Noon this Friday, April 8th.

☯  Held at Maya’s Oasis, Overland Park, KS

☯ $140 for full day (or $75 for 1/2 day)


What is your biggest struggle?


☯ Are you struggling with your health, relationships or your job?


☯ Do you have chronic pain, chronic exhaustion, serious illness, or headaches?


☯ Is your life full of continuous stress from work, kids, relationships, finances, family, or other issues?


☯ Are you experiencing a lack of flow, abundance, and prosperity in your life?


Once you take Reiki classes you can be empowered to use Reiki healing techniques every day at your convenience to help you or loved ones feel better.

You can save thousands of dollars on Reiki healing sessions by learning Reiki yourself--you'll have it at your fingertips whenever you need it! By learning Reiki, you'll have these tools for the rest of your life, and can make Reiki a part or full-time career and extra money too! You can use Reiki on your friends, family, loved ones, pets and plants too.


By learning Reiki you can help:


☯ Those who have had chemotherapy

☯ Those who smoked in the past and still have toxic residue in the body

☯ People who experience chronic pain

☯ Clear trauma or stress from past-lifetime energy

☯ Clear energy from present or past-lifetime relationships

☯ Clear repetitive negative karmic patterns

☯ Shift energy that keeps us from losing weight, or causes us to gain weight


You can also use Reiki techniques to:


☯ Accelerate the body’s own natural healing abilities

☯ Balance the endocrine system

☯ Lower blood pressure

☯ Help the body eliminate toxins

☯ Minimize the side effects of medications

☯ Speed recovery of surgery & medical procedures

☯ Support and enhance the body’s immune system

☯ Improve circulation

☯ Promote anti-aging

☯ Heal an injury faster

☯ Make childbirth easier

☯ Much, much more!


Learing to heal oneself and others is a truly loving and selfless act; when we heal ourselves, we have more to give to the world, and when we heal others we help to heal the entire world.


Now is the time!


☯ Take any of your existing Reiki training to the next level, to both expand and deepen your current skills.


☯ Experience plenty of hands-on practice with guidance from an experienced master.


☯ Reiki can help you get back on track with every aspect of your life as it helps to heal and clear blocks in your energy, allowing you to return to the health, balance, and prosperity that are your birthright.



If you have been wanting to learn Reiki then this is

the perfect opportunity to get you through the first

two levels, all in one day!



☯ Reiki I is from 9-12 am, Cost is $75; Reiki II is from 1-6 pm, and the cost is $95. Knock out both classes in one day for just $150 (Save $20)!!


☯ You'll soon be doing your own Reiki energy healing on yourself, your plants, pets, friends, family, car, and yes...even your slow computer!


☯ Participants receive an official certificate for each course, and CEU credits are offered for massage therapists too! 


☯ This Intensive format and reduced price is rarely offered, so hurry and get registered!  

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