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    Hello, dear friends!  I have a wonderful surprise for you! The other morning when I was still in…
    Hello, dear friends!  I have a wonderful surprise for you! The other morning when I was still in…

Want to be empowered, brave, and practical?

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Hello Dear Ones,

 The window is closing quickly to get yourself signed up for the new Psychic Protection Monthly Masterclass and getting the huge savings.

 If negative energies are not dealt with correctly, it can have detrimental effects for you. Look at your life and ask yourself this--is my life exactly the way I want it? If not, you likely have been a victim of a psychic attack that was never properly healed.

Psychic Protection is an important part of leading a healthy, balance life. If there's been an argument or discord in a home, it's important to know how to correctly clear the space. Otherwise it can begin to affect the vitality of those living there. If a person is being affected by negative energy, it can stop their flow of abundance, or make them ill. 

Knowing how to keep yourself energetically protected is very empowering! By applying the tips and techniques that you'll learn in this course, you can keep your space, your belongings, and your energy free from anything negative that tries to attach itself to you. This helps keep your positive energy flowing so you can attract what you want into your life.

By applying what you learn, you'll be much more in your own personal power, unaffected by the negative energy that won't be allowed around you.

JOIN the Psychic Protection Monthly Masterclass!

CLICK HERE to watch my video on this exciting new course!


This course is like nothing else available--it teaches you how to deal with and prevent all types of psychic attack! Keep reading to see the BIG savings available

if you sign up by tomorrow!


The Psychic Protection Monthly Masterclass will cover...


◙ the different types of attack and what to protect yourself from.


◙ intuitive development-how to develop your intuition and discern good energy from bad.


◙ energy vampires—what they are and how to protect yourself.


◙ energy cords and cord cutting.


◙ how to cloak your energy-what is it and why you need it.


◙ how to identify a experiencing an attack.


◙ the different types of non-physical beings that exist and which ones are non beneficial.


◙ what are energetic portals and tracking devices?


◙ how to clear electronic devices of negative energy and why it’s so important.


◙ mind control and energy manipulation techniques that can be used against you, and SO much more!


Lack of knowledge or denial of the necessity of psychic

protection is NOT effective protection!  


Sticking your head in the sand and ignoring this issue will not protect you. That in itself is fear-based. Learning about psychic protection Is NOT fear-based, but the avoidance of learning about it IS fear-based!


*If you are afraid to take this course and learn this information, chances are, that underlying fear will make you even more vulnerable to psychic attack!


◙ Classes are one MONDAY evening/month (via live video conference). 1st class will be Monday, January 16th, 2017, 7:00 p.m. CST (60-90 minutes). Classes continue on the 3rd Monday monthly.


◙ Includes monthly live video class--3rd Mondays monthly at 7:00 pm central, via Zoom video classroom. All classes will be recorded so you can attend live or watch later.


◙ Gives exclusive access to pre-published chapters from Maya's book, "Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth about Psychic Protection."


◙ Includes a private Facebook group for members only where you can ask questions and have access to exclusive content.


◙ Offers group mentoring via the live classes and private Facebook group, to guide you every step of the way in understanding and mastering the content.



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