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  Fifteen years ago, if you had asked me to give a name to my spiritual leanings, I would have told you…
  Fifteen years ago, if you had asked me to give a name to my spiritual leanings, I would have told you…

10 Things You Should Be Doing to Increase Your Intuition

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: intuition, heightened sense, sublte knowing, trust, listen, inner voice, nature, create, meditate, observe, connection, relaxation, let go


Everyone has had that sense of heightened awareness before--a gut feeling or unconscious reasoning that propels us to do something, or not do something, without telling us why or how. It is a subtle knowing without having any actual reason as to why you know it. There is no logical thinking involved...only feeling what is right. 

But the nature of intuition itself can be very elusive and difficult to tap into and to trust. Should I really do that? What if I fail? Is this person being honest or not? And the list goes on of the times in our lives when having a keen sense of intuition would make things so much easier!
It is crucial that we feed and nurture our sense of intuition. By doing so we thrive rather than just survive. Learning how to tap into and trust our intuition is vital to making great decisions and interacting with our environment. 

Highly intuitive people will always do the following 10 things: 

1. Listen to their 'inner voice' and find a balance between it and their logical, rational thinking to make the best decisions. This brings all the resources of the mind to the table. 

2. Take time to find solitude, peace, and be in nature. This allows them to go into deeper thought and engage with their intuitive side. It is difficult to find intuition when all the craziness of daily life is all that is heard. 

3. Create...highly intuitive people are always creating. Creativity and intuition go hand in hand and more creativity brings more intuition. 

4. Intuitive people practice mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness means “paying attention to one’s current experience in a non-judgmental way.” Doing this helps filter out any senseless 'mind chatter' and helps them weigh their options more objectively. Then they tune in to their intuition and make decisions they can stand behind completely.

5. Intuitive people observe everything. They keep a journal and take note of strange or interesting things that happen. By paying attention and noticing what is always around them, they gain a keen sense for connections, coincidences, and instant intuitive awareness. 

6. They listen to their bodies and heed their 'gut' feelings. When they have that sick feeling in their stomach and sense something isn't right, they pay attention. Gut feeling are named so for a reason and the stomach is sometimes referred to as a 'second brain.'

7. They have deep connections with others. This sense of 'mind reading' is actually something we all do frequently, and is called empathic accuracy. By becoming more intuitive in daily life through connecting with others, this enhances life greatly.

 8. Intuitive people pay attention to their dreams. This helps get in touch with their subconscious mind. By tuning in to this information, it can give signals about things to be aware of.

 9. They enjoy plenty of downtime. Intuition is suppressed by business, technology, television, stress, and burnout. People many times get just too busy to notice the warnings and insights that intuition offers. 

 10. They mindfully let go of negative emotions. Intense and negative emotions can make intuition cloudy and foggy. When people get upset, they can disconnect from their intuitive voice. By mindfully letting go of anger, guilt, fear, and other negative emotions, intuition becomes very clear. 


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