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  In this replay of a Facebook Live on our free Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group, Maya explains:…
  In this replay of a Facebook Live on our free Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group, Maya explains:…

Surprising Effects of Being in Nature...

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: nature, balance, reconnect, soul, energy, oxygen, animals, rain

Here's why a day in nature is so beneficial to your well-being:

☯ At the most basic level, we ARE nature--there is no separation. Our bodies are composed of the same elements as the earth's crust--water, minerals, hydrogen, oxygen, iron, and more. We are made mostly out of water as is the earth. That is why our body responds to the moon cycles--they affect the ocean tides and the water in our body, with everything synchronistically connected.

☯ The textures and forms we find by connecting with nature appeal directly to the deepest aspects of our consciousness and elevate our vibration.

☯ By immersing ourselves in nature we reconnect to our soul, find balance, and get immersed into the flow of life. When we make direct contact with the surface of the earth our bodies receive a charge of energy that makes us feel better, fast. The theory states that because the earth is negatively charged-with a greater negative charge than our bodies-we absorb earth’s electrons. (Normally, the rubber or leather soles of our shoes prevent this absorption of electrons from occurring, so that's why it's important to be barefoot.) 

☯ According to a study reported in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, grounding in nature can have an intense anti-inflammatory and energizing effect on the body. Spending time in nature has been linked to improved attention spans, boosts in brain serotonin levels, and increased activity in the parts of the brain responsible for empathy, emotional stability, and love. (Constantly being in a stressful environment will do the same and enhance fear and anxiety).

☯ Fresh air and sunshine also have amazing physical benefits such as increased oxygen in the cells, and elevated vitamin D levels. 

☯ Sounds of nature such as birds, animals, rain and insects, have amazing healing benefits as well. That is why sound machines mimic nature to help people fall asleep.

A Note From Maya..

'In the past 10 days I've started a personal practice of sitting in contact with the earth for a minimum of one hour each day...even on days when my 'To Do List' is a mile long and even when the weather is cold or rainy. The benefits have exceeded my expectations, and have included significantly increased energy, mental clarity, good mood, reduced body pain--and the most unexpected benefit--increased ability to manifest my needs and wants almost like magic! 

As a sensitive energy empath who tends to absorb lots of energy from others, I have also been able to discharge a lot of non-beneficial energy while sitting on the ground. And even on the busiest days, when I made time for this earthing practice, my 'To Do List' got done because I had more energy and clarity. I've had such amazing results that I will be continuing this practice long-term.

With busy schedules, kids, jobs, and more it can be challenging to set aside a whole hour each day. I believe that 10 minutes sitting in the grass on a sunny day even just a couple times a week can make a big difference for anyone.

If you are aching for some deeper connection to the earth, take time to get in nature and rejuvenate yourself!



by Maya Zahira

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