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  Fifteen years ago, if you had asked me to give a name to my spiritual leanings, I would have told you…
  Fifteen years ago, if you had asked me to give a name to my spiritual leanings, I would have told you…

What You Should Look for In a Mentor...

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: ethics, integrity, how to find a good mentor


People contact me quite often, struggling to pick the right mentor or spiritual teacher.  Some have had some negative experiences with mentors in the past, and they are now trying to find a better level of discernment in choosing future teachers.

But what now? How do you find a mentor? What do you look for? 


If you are looking for help with something specific, such as a new career, how to enter the dating scene, how to have better relationships, or how to develop your spiritual gifts, there are a great number of mentors available that can guide you in those directions. These types of mentors can create a step-by-step plan for you, set goals and specific tasks, and chart your progress.


But what if you want real life changes--on the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical level? If you have tried everything and still feel stuck, then a mentor who focuses on spirituality and energy healing can help you get the comprehensive results you need. They can also utilize their intuitive skills to look below the surface to understand what is really going on.


Here's why a spiritual mentor can change your life forever...

☯ A spiritual mentor typically has a much deeper sense of awareness as to what is keeping a person blocked or stuck, because they incorporate the energetic aspects that another mentor may not use, or have the skills to use. 

☯ A spiritual mentor has a great understanding of how energetic aspects affect people, such as being under psychic attack, or constantly being in an environment that needs to be cleared of negative energy. All of the 'training' that a mentor or life coach can give won't help if the person is constantly surrounded by negative energy, stuck with past-lifetime energy, or has deep energetic blockages.


Here's what to look for in a spiritual mentor...

☯ A great spiritual mentor will show you how to be the best 'you' possible. They can relate to wherever you are in your life, and will be there for you whether you feel like giving up, or feel like celebrating.

☯ A great spiritual mentor is someone that you know you can always trust and respect. They will be sympathetic and empathetic, while also inspiring you to keep moving forward.

☯ A great mentor will inspire you to be like them. They will show up in the world with a sense of integrity, honesty, peacefulness, and caring.

☯ The very best spiritual mentors maintain a sense of integrity, positivity, and confidentiality. They don't play the victim, act jealous, blame others, or talk about their clients to other people. 

☯ A great spiritual mentor will challenge you to think a bit differently, without any ego involved. They will show you what to look for in specific situations that you may never have known about before.

☯ Working with a really great spiritual mentor will teach you how to view the world with much more love and compassion, while letting go of what is not serving you.

☯ Like everything else in life, boundaries are important in mentoring. A great mentor will have boundaries to help create a sacred space for you, teach you how to set and honor your own boundaries, and help you become more confident in the process.

☯ Humility is a key component in a great spiritual mentor. If there is something that they don't know there is no ego involved in admitting it. A great spiritual mentor will continually search to find out for you what is needed.

☯ Another indication of a great spiritual mentor is they will welcome your questions, accept your skepticism gracefully, and strive to help you have a greater understanding without ego, jealousy or blame.

☯ It is important to choose a spiritual mentor who has a steady history of work in their field, and one who is involved in expanding their knowledge base and expertise, with ongoing training.

☯ And lastly, a really great spiritual mentor is your dedicated cheerleader-striving to help you move forward into your new life, overcome the seemingly impossible, and helping you get clear and free of whatever had you blocked before.


Ready to go deeper?

As you read through this article, if your inner guidance feels clarity to work with me more deeply, you might be interested in my 12-month online Spiritual Empowerment Academy.  Part educational course, part spiritual support circle, we learn all about practical spiritual tools like intuitive development, psychic protection, discernment, living your life purpose, energy healing, and so much more.  Click here for details.






by Maya Zahira

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