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  Fifteen years ago, if you had asked me to give a name to my spiritual leanings, I would have told you…
  Fifteen years ago, if you had asked me to give a name to my spiritual leanings, I would have told you…

What is Distance Healing?

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: Energy healing


What is distance healing?

As a healer and certified Reiki Master-Teacher, I often have clients who ask me how distance healing works. Many people understand the benefits of healing where the body is actually touched by the professional, such as massage or acupuncture. Remote energy healing is as powerful and effective as an in-person session.

Many of my clients have experienced profound healing results and deep transformation from their distance energy healing sessions.  Consider that prayer and loving intent can be sent to any person or situation anywhere in the world, and it is the same with energy medicine.    

Everything in this universe has an energetic vibration, and the life force of that energy is not only in all things at the molecular level, but also in the space between. Every electron is its own universe with revolving particles turning about a common center with the exact same motion (and at the same relative distances) that the earth and planets revolve around the sun. The rate of that movement is what creates variation. A higher rate of movement creates a higher form of life. Creation is constant and ongoing because there is nowhere that does not have this life force.  

Scientific research has proven that all living things emit light. The energy in our body and all around us has patterns and grids. As humans, our body is also magnetic and electrical, capable of transmitting and receiving instant energy because of those energy fields that surround us and are within us. Our internal organs generate their own energy fields, with the heart being the most significant.

Any form of healing energy I send out with the intent to heal, will have a healing effect on the recipient. All energy and thought in the universe is connected in the quantum field that some may call God or ‘The Universe.’ If you look at a burnt piece of wood under a microscope, there is still movement in the molecules—that life force is everywhere.

Working on this level with healing energy not only positively affects the physical, but also the mental and emotional bodies of the person receiving the healing energy. The process is merely the transfer of energy instantly over what we perceive is a long distance. We all have an energetic body, which includes our soul, spirit, aspect, aura, chakras, inner child, higher self, etc. Healing energy infuses into all those energetic bodies and alters the person at the cellular level in the physical body. It also alters all the energetic bodies as well, since they are part of the whole. In our lives here on earth, we see time and space as finite, but in energy healing, time and space are infinite and always occurring in the present moment.  

When I work with energy, I am not doing so within any time or space boundaries—I work with the energetic field only, which is universal. Healing energy I send out is instantaneously received by the recipient. Time is not linear--it goes in all directions, and distance between objects is only a matter of perception. We perceive them to be linear in our lives as it gives us a way to measure our day-to-day experiences, but in truth, it all occurs in the present moment. So healing energy affects not only our present experience but what our consciousness knows as the past and future as well. Many of us have had a telepathic experience where we feel something happening to another person. This is an experience of instant energy transference.

In recent times, discoveries made in quantum physics are now validating what healers, shamans, and practitioners have known for centuries---that what we think we create and every thought we send out has a cause and effect. The higher the thought vibration, the higher the energy received back.

I can do distance healing sessions over the phone or via web cam, or I can do energy work without seeing or speaking with the client at all during the session—I send the healing energy through the universal energy fields.    


Some of the things distance healing can do include:

  • Removing trauma surrounding an injury
  • Clearing negative energy stuck in the physical body or other energetic bodies
  • Clearing emotional trauma from experiences in the present life, or in all time/space realities
  • Help heal animals and pets with physical or emotional issues
  • Clear negative thoughts and behavior patterns that have kept the recipient stuck in some way
  • Release toxic emotions and chemical toxicity from the body
  • Clear blockages to create better health, more abundance, and joy
  • Alter the cellular DNA to make the body healthier
  • And countless other mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits! 


During a healing session with the client I begin by putting us both in a sacred space, clearing out all negative energy in both our environments. The client is asked to be in a comfortable, relaxed position. A session feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that surrounds and fills the client and includes feelings of relaxation, peace, and well being which also promotes healing. The process is extremely relaxing and calming, and is gentle and safe for all individuals. After the session is over, the client is asked to drink water to flush out any toxins released into the body. Healing sessions can bring up and release emotions in the client, which is completely normal.  A short period of rest and relaxation after a session is very helpful as well, however not required. The client can go about their day as usual and the healing is still just as effective.  

Healing oneself is a truly loving and selfless act. When we heal ourselves, we have more to give to the world, and when we heal ourselves, we help to heal the entire world. At Psychic Protection Sanctuary I offer in-person and distance healing sessions for deep healing and transformation. My clients report that they experience more peace, joy, abundance, love and wellness after healing sessions! Other services include belly dance classes, intuitive readings, regression therapy, angel healing sessions, space clearing, aromatherapy, and much more! I also offer Reiki certification courses. Please feel free to contact me at any time to schedule a session or for more information. 


by Maya Zahira

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