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  In this replay of a Facebook Live on our free Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group, Maya explains:…
  In this replay of a Facebook Live on our free Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group, Maya explains:…

Reiki Can Do THAT?

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: healing modality, Healing, holistic practitioners, Reiki, Techniques, Wellness, Energy, Hands, Grounding energy, Grid, Universal energy, Usui Reiki, medications, supplements, food, automobile, devices

HI everyone,

This week I wanted to share some information about ways of using Reiki that you may not know about. This is just a small segment of all the incredible healing tips and techniques that I teach in the CREATE Course. 

In this article you'll see uniquely different ways to use Reiki. In the past we've talked about using it on pets, plants, and of course, people. But now we'll go a bit more in depth about using Reiki on objects. 
 ☯ Surprising Ways You Can Use Reiki 
Most people are familiar with the various ways that Reiki can be used to help heal an illness or injury, as well as how it can be beneficial in emotional healing. Since Reiki is pure energy, it is limitless in its uses. But there are also a host of other ways that Reiki can be beneficial, and used on objects as well as living things like people, pets, and plants. Any inanimate object can be charged with an intention affirmation by applying the Reiki principles to it. One of the most important aspects of Reiki is applying the intention to where the Reiki energy is going. Reiki can raise the energy vibration of any inanimate object to make it more effective in its use.

Here are a few ideas and suggestions for some surprising things that Reiki can be used on: 

☯ Pharmaceuticals and Supplements

Using Reiki techniques on pharmaceutical products (such as prescription and non-prescription medicines) is a great way to alter and transmute some of the toxicity of the product, as well as reduce any negative side effects. Reiki can also raise the vibrational level of the medicine, thus increasing its effectiveness so the medicine does what it is designed to do. By using Reiki on food supplements, it can enhance their effectiveness and raise the vibrational level of their absorption process, so that they are more effective, and a better match with the vibration of your body.

Simply hold the medicine or supplement bottle, and allow the Reiki energy to transfer from your hands into the product. Set the intention that the product’s vibrational level will be raised so that it is a better match for your body. 

☯ Mealtime

Using Reiki to bless your food is a great tool! It will raise the vibrational frequency of the food, which in turn raises the nutritional value of the food, and enhances the flavor. This can also help transmute toxins and pesticides. By applying Reiki energy, the Universe strives to have our food parallel to the vibration in the body, which then makes the food more compatible for us. For example, if there is a particular food that you are sensitive to, using Reiki on it will make it easier for you to eat without your body’s normal reaction to it.  

Using Reiki on your food can also help clear any negative vibrations, energies, or entities that may be attached to the food, which may have come from sitting in the grocery store, or being prepared in a busy restaurant. If the food was in a negative environment before it made its way to you, it can carry that energy in it.
Here is what to do to raise the vibrational level of food: Simply hover your hands a few inches above your plate, palm facing toward the food, allowing the Reiki energy to flow into the food. In the case of finger foods like an apple or sandwich, you can hold the food in your cupped hands and send Reiki. Additionally, you can also send loving thoughts to the food, intending that its vibration be of love and light, and also a match to your body’s energy vibration. If you are attuned to Usui Reiki Level II or higher, you can also draw Reiki symbols above your food to enhance the presence of Reiki within your food. 

☯ Using Reiki on Your Automobile

Machines also hold energy like everything else. At the molecular level, any object contains life and movement in the molecules, and using Reiki energy on it can shift anything. This can help turn off an annoying ‘check engine’ light, clear the connection from the spark plugs to the engine for better performance, purify the gasoline, and keep negative energy out of your car that may have followed you from a public place. It’s unlimited in the many ways that Reiki can help ‘heal’ your car, keep it running better, and keep you safer! 

Just place your hands a few feet above what you think is a troubled area of the car (battery, spark plugs, engine, etc) and proceed with relaxing, and allowing the Reiki energy to flow through you, out to the affected area. If you’re like me, and know very little about car engines, you can simply direct Reiki toward the engine. (Remember, safety first. Do not touch any moving engine parts or hot areas of the car.) Affirm that the automobile is divinely healed in all areas. You can also keep a Reiki symbol with you in the automobile to help keep the energy in a positive, healing state. Doing Reiki in and around your car can also help keep you safe while driving.

☯ Computers and Devices

Reiki energy can do wonders for clearing negative energy out of your computer, phone or other tech device. If you think about it, each of those items can absorb a lot of negative energy. Reading about a tragedy in the news, getting an angry email, having a negative phone conversation for example, can lower the device’s vibration. Sending loving Reiki light energy can shift it back into perfect working order. This also works well on printers that had to print out something negative, angry, or of a low vibration. 
Surrender all frustration about the device not working, and get into a peaceful, loving place. Hold your hands over the object and allow the love and light energy to flow into it. Set the intention that all negative energy is cleared, and that the device is in perfect working order.

☯ Clocks and Watches

Reiki can keep a watch running more smoothly, and help keep the clocks on the walls accurate. If negative energy is in a home, that can affect how the clocks work. Your own energy can affect the watch you are wearing, especially if you have picked up some negative energy somewhere that is interfering with your body’s circadian rhythm. Hold your hands over the clock or watch, and relax—understanding that all time-space reality is really now. Clear negative energy out of it, and then bring in the loving light energy to flow through it.
☯ Household Items, Gadgets, and Machines
Treating home appliances to Reiki energy can keep them running more smoothly and efficiently. It can be used on televisions, tools, washing machines, kitchen appliances, or any item large or small in your home. Anything can store negative energy in its molecules, and it can always be cleared and replaced with light energy. Set the intention that the item will work perfectly, then place your hands over the item and bring in the Reiki, love and light energy in a relaxed, positive way.  

☯ Rooms in Your Home or Office

Reiki can cleanse objects and space, and charge a room with the affirmations or intentions that you are setting. Clear a space or room by holding out your hands palms out toward the space, then allowing the loving energy to flow out of you towards the space. For those attuned to Usui Reiki Level II, try drawing the power symbol (or other symbol) in the air toward the direction of each wall, the ceiling, floor, and center of the room. Drawing the power symbol through the room is a very effective way of both clearing and protecting your space.   
There are unlimited uses for Reiki energy, and this is just a small sampling of ideas that can help shift energy. I hope you will explore these ideas and create your own ways to shift energy with Reiki!  

Visit my website for more information. 


by Maya Zahira

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