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  In this replay of a Facebook Live on our free Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group, Maya explains:…
  In this replay of a Facebook Live on our free Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group, Maya explains:…

What's in Your Dreams?

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: Heightened, sense, sublte knowing, trust, listen, inner voice, nature, create, meditate, observe, connection, relaxation, let go, intuition, dreams, cognition, visualization, visitation



Hello everyone!

One of the many wonderful topics I cover is developing your intuition. I have touched upon some of the different ways to do that in prior newsletters, and now I will talk about how your dreams can be helpful in developing your intuition even more.

Basically, we have several different types of dreams, and their purpose varies depending on the type of dream and how it comes through for us.

•*¨*• Precognitive Dream-this type of dream tells the future. Most of us have had at least one dream where we received information about a future event. In this type of dream, you might be seeing a person you have not connected with for a long time, and then right afterwards, you hear from them. You might dream of some great event, or a tragedy, only to turn on the TV and hear that it happened. We have heard the stories in history where famous leaders dreamed of their own death, then it happened.

 •*¨*• Healing dreams-In a healing dream, you might experience information coming to you that is symbolic of a forthcoming illness. For example, dreaming of going to the bathroom is symbolic of sickness. If you have that type of dream, you may want to get plenty of rest and boost up your immune system. Another type of healing dream is seeing a certain type of food, vitamin, or a part of your body. This is your higher self telling you to pay attention to something physical that needs healing.

•*¨*• Visitation dreams-this kind of dream is where you see another person, angel or spirit guide, archangel, religious leader, a loved one, someone who has passed away, or perhaps someone who is dying or in a coma. You can see them and may also hear their voice as well. This type of dream is giving you a sign that they are thinking of you. Perhaps, if it is your guides, they may want to give you a particular message.

•*¨*• Emotional processing dreams-this is when your emotions from the conscious mind transfer into your subconscious dreams. This can be symbolic imagery, seeing a story line of something in your life, and perhaps emotions that the mind is working out. This is also a healing process that is very helpful. These may be color or black and white image dreams that can be interpreted as literal or symbolic.

 •*¨*• Day processing dreams-these are dreams where experiences from the day infiltrate your dreams. They can be scenes from a TV show, a book you read, something you saw online, a walk on the beach, or anything else you experienced that day. This type of dream can be helpful in how we process emotions. If we watch something violent on TV, for example, and then maybe have a dream of being chased by a 'bad guy' it might be a message telling us to limit that activity. Conversely, if we read something inspirational about nature, and then dream about a wonderful walk in the forest, it may be your subconscious telling you to connect with nature more.

•*¨*• Learning energy healing will teach you how to manipulate and use energy--to raise an energetic vibration, clear out negative or 'dark' energy, bring in healing energy, and can be applied to improve ANY area of your life. It can also be used on plants, pets, any living thing, and also inanimate objects. By the time you are finished, the transformation in you will be amazing!

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