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  In this replay of a Facebook Live on our free Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group, Maya explains:…
  In this replay of a Facebook Live on our free Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group, Maya explains:…

What are Energy Boundaries?

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: Support, group, Facebook, Psychic attack, Psychic protection, Entities, Attachments, energy vampires, Paranormal, Intuitive, Lightworker, Addictions, Boundaries, Exhausted, Discern, Spiritual, Vibration, Hooks, Tubes, Cords, triggers, practitioner, mentor, lineage, dreams, target, negativity, suffering, cold, anxious, depressed, energy medicine, energy healer, family dynamic, victim, manipulate, toxic, book

Hello everyone,

I have created a new 25-minute video on the importance of why we all need boundaries, and why we need them set against energy as well. We have touched on this topic before, but this video is more in-depth on the topic and its importance, so be sure to watch! 

❖ MYTH: If we are really a good, decent, spiritual person, then we should always give unconditional love without boundaries.

❖ FACT: Our safety and our physical, mental and emotional well-being will ALWAYS depend on boundaries, when they are needed. When we find something that seems to work well, we can have a tendency to take it to extremes, and apply at times when it’s really not appropriate to apply it to that extent. We always need boundaries in our life-we can't safely live without them, and we can't thrive without them either. 

❖ As a healer, I had to discern within myself that it is ok for me to have polite, yet clear and healthy boundaries set in place whenever I feel they are necessary for me to honor myself. There will be times when we need to be straight forward and be direct with setting boundaries. Trusting our inner gut feelings will tell us when a boundary is needed. That doesn't mean that we still can't send unconditional love into that particular situation. It CAN be both!

❖ When it comes to the energy that is around us, we also have to set boundaries. This is something that we may not realize!

❖ Whenever you are in any group gathering--such as a class, spiritual gathering, a public place, or any other place where there are groups of people--there will be times when it just will not feel right to you. In any situation, you always have every right to just leave. Watch the video to hear my own personal story about this!

❖ It is so important to give ourselves permission to honor our gut feelings and instincts. Set a boundary, leave, speak up, or whatever is necessary for our well-being in any situation. Many times, there is energy around you that is not serving you, and you are feeling that something is off.

❖ If we are under psychic attack, we can feel sad, depressed, ill, or angry at times when there would be no other reason to feel that way.

❖ When we are stressed, ill, depressed, anxious, under the influence of alcohol/drugs, or in any state of being where our energy vibration is lowered, we can become a target for psychic attack. My blog page has a list of things to be aware of if you feel like you may be under attack.

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by Maya Zahira

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