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  In this replay of a Facebook Live on our free Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group, Maya explains:…
  In this replay of a Facebook Live on our free Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group, Maya explains:…

5 Reasons You Need to Get Away!

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: reconnect, nature, down time, retreat, clarity, cognitive, depression, blood pressure, refreshed, productive, peaceful, ideas, recharge, energy, adrenal, immune, emotional health

In this week's 6 minute short video, I will cover 5 important reasons why it is crucial for each of us to get away and get into nature!


✾ Reconnecting with nature reduces our stress levels dramatically, and can eliminate depression. It can lower our heart and blood pressure and leave us feeling refreshed and alive. When we are stressed, we are in reactive mode where we become much less productive.


✾ Being in a natural setting helps us gain mental clarity, improves cognitive thinking processes, and offers a clear perspective on issues in our lives that we may not otherwise see.


✾ Relaxing in a peaceful, natural setting can bring into your consciousness wonderful and inspiring ideas, and enhanced creativity. Perhaps you'll discover a new way to do something in your business, or a new product to develop. Whatever it is, you can tap into great ideas just by getting relaxed and clear when connecting to nature.


✾ Taking down time in a lovely, peaceful environment will recharge your battery. When we are not frequently doing so, we can run on low energy levels, exhaust our adrenal glands, and weaken our immune system. Our physical health can be jeopardized by not taking time out for ourselves.


✾  After a lovely nature walk or weekend retreat, we can feel much more joy, happiness, and self-awareness! When we are not depleted of energy and feel revitalized, we feel connected to universal energy..and then anything is possible!


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