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Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…
Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…


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Dear friends,

Today, I'd like to share with you some very important lessons I've learned over the years, plus a VERY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about some changes in my life and business.

Lesson #1: Less is more.

Have you ever found yourself pulled so many different directions that you felt stressed out and depleted, and after so much busy-ness and running around, your To Do List was STILL 10 miles long?

In late 2008, I clearly remember an energy healing session I received when I was going through an exceptionally tough time. I'd been working 60-80 hours a week for five years, thinking that I was intelligently laying a strong foundation for my healing and bellydancing business.

Yet despite the long hours, I had still lost everything in the economic downturn. I was devastated in every way possible.

I remember so clearly what the healer said to me. She said, “You're doing WAY too much, Maya! You need to simplify. Just focus on doing a few things. Less is more.” My recovering work-a-holic, over-achieving mind really honed in on what she said, and I left the session with the repeating mantra, “Less is more, less is more, less is more,” inside my head.

Lesson #2: If it doesn't feed your spirit, release it.

Over the years, I have practiced simplifying my life more and more, slowly releasing anything that no longer feeds my spirit.

I have released unnecessary work and personal tasks, and learned to become more comfortable with things being unfinished or imperfect. I've released several work situations that were sucking away my time, energy, and resources. As gently as possible, one by one, I have released several different relationships that were not supportive for me. I even released my sweet little home in northland Kansas City, Missouri when I realized it was weighing me down in a big way.

Lesson # 3: Listen to your emotions.

It can be challenging to know when or if it is time to let something go. I've learned to rely on my “emotional guidance system” as my compass, carefully paying attention to my state of feeling.

If I am feeling good and happy, I know I am in alignment with what I am supposed to be doing.

If I am feeling depressed, sluggish, exhausted, depleted, irritable, un-inspired, or any other negative state of being, I know that something is out of alignment. When I'm out of alignment, I take time to get quiet, to see how my needs are not being met, and what I need to release or do differently.

Recently, I went through a cycle when I was feeling really out-of-sorts, depressed, depleted, and even angry. I knew that something was off, but I couldn't quite put my finger on the cause. I knew that underneath all those negative emotions, there was a big breakthrough waiting to happen.

Lesson #4: Follow your heart's desire.

Finally, one day recently, I saw it clear as day.

I saw that I was MOSTLY on the right life path, but not TOTALLY. I saw that there were still aspects of my work that were depleting me and sending my energy too many different directions. I realized that on some level, I had known this for quite a while, but I had been too emotionally attached to let these things go.

But now I'm ready! 100%. I'm releasing some very big things from my life! And because I've honored my sweet spirit by waiting until I was totally and completely ready to let these things go, I am now in a space of feeling so much






and peace.

Lesson #5: The only thing constant is change. 

 Lesson #6: When one door closes, another opens.

Since 1998, I have been practicing energy healing (Reiki) and my business is now thriving and keeping me busy full time. I have been a healer and intuitive empath my entire life, and have so loved helping my clients over the years.

While I do work with a variety of different people, my specialty is helping women who have experienced loss or trauma. It makes my heart sing to be of service with one of my natural talents in a way that helps so many.

I feel so blessed.And now that I am releasing more things from my life, I am super-excited about the opportunity to walk more fully on my path.

I'm loving my life, and sending huge waves of gratitude to all of my life experiences, past, present, and future.

All my love,

Maya Zahira

Energy Healing Specialist

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